Okay, so maybe it’s not that simple, but something like this would really show me who gets me…

Light Saber jewelry. Yes, nice and high quality as well. Why do I care about this? Because I love Star Wars and I’m a girl, so sometimes I like sparkly things too. Someone out there has to speak for the geeky, girly girls. We do exist…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  The rings are made from sterling silver and Swarovski zirconia by a wonderful custom jeweler named Takayas Mizuno. I’ll admit, I went all over the internets making sure that his name is in fact Takayas, because before I confirmed it, I would have bet money that that ending “s” was a typo, but I digress… That’s his real name, not a typo.

Takayas Custom Jewlery is located in LA, and earlier this week, they Facebooked this hot bit of awesome, which apparently went everywhere that geeks go:


Do a little digging and you’ll find that this jeweler does all sorts of rather geeky jewelry work, such as Zelda, Assassins Creed and Hunger Games. Here’s a link to their Pinterest with all of the works, there are entirely too many fabulous things for me to post them all here: Takayas Pinterest

Look at this Assassin’s Creed ring!!


Okay, I’m done, sorry…

Either way, if you are a geeky girl who likes pretty things, or you’re a guy with a geeky girl who likes pretty things, take a look! He might have what you need for that next birthday or anniversary.  Us geeks have to stick together, even the expensive ones…

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