Batterystaple Games have announced that their Mega Man X-styled roguelike action platformer 20XX has left Steam Early Access and will enter Beta tomorrow.

20XX is designed to look and play in a similar manner to the Mega Man X series, whose influence can definitely be seen from the game’s trailer, however 20XX differentiates itself by adding procedurally built levels, over 100 items to collect, that classic roguelike staple of permadeath and online and local co-op. Grab a buddy and get wall-jumpin’!

20XX’s “procedurally built levels” won’t be a completely random assortment of areas, however, as Batterystaple have stated that the levels are built from a certain number of “mechanics” at a time, meaning that the levels will switch rapidly from being more like an action game to playing like a platformer, with the aim of mixing precision platforming with intense combat.

Take a look at 20XX’s Beta release trailer in the video above. I’m really liking the look of it myself – good luck to Batterystaple with the rest of the game’s development!

20XX can be purchased on Steam here.

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