Although Metal Gear Online isn’t due to be released on consoles for another few weeks yet, attendees of the Tokyo Game Show have been able to get a quick hands-on with the multiplayer mode that’ll be free to owners of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Unfortunately not everyone can get to the show, so Konami has released a lovely 10 minute gameplay trailer for the online mode which you can see above.

Metal Gear Online is set to launch on consoles on October 6, with a PC release to follow in 2016. The mode will bring various aspects from the single player portion of the game, but predominantly focuses on competitive play.

In the video above you can check out one of the game’s more interesting modes called Bounty Hunter. In this mode players are tasked with taking down a player with a bounty on their head, in doing so, that player then has a bounty… you see where it’s going from here.

The aim of the game is to rid the opposing team of tickets, to do this you either take down enemies, or Fultoning them from the battlefield. Doing the latter will actually win tickets back for your team and the more high-value the player, the better.

You can check out the Bounty Hunter mode in the video above, as well as a glimpse at some of the unique characters that are playable in the game.

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