Hideo Kojima has released a new video titled “Debriefing” which acts as a “thank you” to the fans and people who worked on Metal Gear Solid V and the series as a whole.

The video is 10 minutes of interviews with Hideo Kojima who discusses Metal Gear Solid V with some of the people who worked on it and those who are just fans. The start of the video feels a bit awkward as it mostly includes people telling him how great a job he has done along with their stories about the series, but then the video moves on to shows some quotes from Hideo Kojima before visiting a family of long-time Metal Gear Solid fan that really makes the video.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/P8RCD2KAbX4″]

The family visits shows Hideo Kojima expressing his thanks both on behalf of the development team and personally, to a family who’s son was a huge Metal Gear Solid fan who is dealing with a serious illness. Their son, Sean, sent Hideo Kojima a message to express his support and love for the series that in turn pushed the team. Inspiring them to make Metal Gear Solid V the best game it could be. It really brings a sense of humanity and grounds the whole video down as it hits home just how much Hideo Kojima and the development team really care about their fans. It’s moving and it’s beautiful.

To finish up the video Hideo Kojima talks briefing about Metal Gear Solid V and gives a message to the fans.

Rest assured that I’ve been working on making MGSV the best it can possibly be, balancing and tweaking right up until the very end. Players will not be disappointed. I am sorry it took so long…but I feel we’ve created something very special, and I hope everyone will enjoy it. Thank you all.

Hideo Kojima may no longer be working at Konami and the future of Metal Gear Solid is unclear. This video makes the end of an era and it really does make you feel a bit emotional. At the end of the day though I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you, Hideo Kojima. Here’s to you!

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