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As an owner of an Xbox One from almost day-one, I can’t help but be envious and a little bitter that Microsoft is continuously improving their Xbox One console, whether it be with an updated controller, a base model with a massive hard drive, or this, an “Elite” bundle that comes with the overpriced Elite controller and an Xbox One with improved components. It’s a shame, really, but not one I can really prevent by being grumpy.

I digress…

This week Microsoft unveiled a brand new bundle for the Xbox One which is set to land in November. It’s called the Xbox One Elite Bundle, with the Elite moniker coming from the included Elite Controller, a controller which the user can switch out the parts, customise the entire controller, and even set up hair-triggers for quicker responses. The controller by itself is around £100, so I’m not overly surprised by the £399 price tag on the bundle as a whole.

Though the controller is great and all, if you’re into that sort of thing. The console is where I’m really focusing here. The new Xbox One console looks the same, but inside it comes packed with a 1TB hard drive, what’s more, this hard drive is a hybrid drive which is both a standard HDD and a Solid State Drive. The reason for this is for speed.

According to Microsoft the Solid State Hybrid Drive “stores frequently-accessed files on a solid state partition and optimises system performance so you can get to the action up to 20 per cent faster from energy-saving mode.”

So that means, if you decide to have it on energy-saving mode, which actually turns the Xbox One off rather than keeping it awake, listening for you to say “Xbox On”, the console will start up much quicker. I think right now mine takes around 20 seconds to fully start up, so with this new drive I’d be looking at it starting up in around 16 seconds – which I’m really unsure is worth spending £400 for.

Either way, it’ll be coming to Europe this November. The bundle is completely standalone too, so you’ll need to shell out for some games too.

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