Minecraft Story Mode

Amazon are at it again, adding release dates to games which haven’t officially received release dates yet. The latest game to get the Amazon early leak treatment is Telltale Games and Mojang’s upcoming episodic adventure game, Minecraft: Story Mode.

According to the Amazon UK listing, Minecraft: Story Mode is set to launch on October 30. The US listing has the game set for an October 27 release, which again makes sense as October 27 is a Tuesday, and October 30 is a Friday, the days video games are typically released in the US and the UK.

Telltale Games has yet to actually officially unveil the release date, but due to both the listings still being live, and no word from either company on the dates being “placeholders” it seems this could be the true release date of the game.

According to the product listing, the game will unlock the first episode on that date, and will grant players access to the other four episodes as they’re released.

Minecraft: Story Mode features an all-star cast and as you’d expect from the title offers a more core story experience than Minecraft’s naturally open-world sandbox affair. Players will take control of a series of heroes who set out on a journey to save the world of Minecraft.

As for customisation, the core elements of Minecraft are still there and players can customise the main character, Jesse, using a series of skins. Crafting will also still play a key part in the game, though we’re unsure exactly how deep that’ll go – likely there’ll be some limitations to crafting so as not to disturb the game’s overall narrative structure.

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