Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

At the Tokyo Game Show, EA has released a brand new trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst which shows off more of the game’s story, more of the games world, and a little bit of fast-paced hand to hand combat in action.

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, DICE has done away with the game’s gunplay, which is a welcomed idea from anyone who played the first game. Instead, players will be forced to think fast and find a way to maim their opponents with swift kicks, confusing spins and flips, and other more fluid movement. An example of which is shown in this new trailer.

In addition to a glimpse of combat, we get a look at the new open-world city at night and in the day, and it looks truly gorgeous. We also get to see KRUGERsec, who we presume is the bad guys in the new game.

Oh, and I’m sure that’s Morgan Freeman with a dove on his arm…

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 23.

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