Lenovo and Motorola have a busy week next week as they’ve revealed when they’ll be lifting the lid off of their next smartwatch, what’s currently being called the Moto 360 2.

With IFA 2015 kicking off this week, Motorola has unveiled that they’ll be holding an event for their next generation Moto 360 next week, following the event. We’re expecting a lot of big announcements this week, so its likely Motorola didn’t want to be drowned out by everyone else.

So, Lenovo has announced that on September 8 in Shanghai, Motorola will unveil the next Moto 360. We’ve already seen what the new device will look like thanks to Motorola accidentally releasing a trailer including the new device a little too early.

One of the clear differences between the two is that the crown has moved from the side, where you’d find it on a more traditional timepiece, to near the top where the band meets the face. What’s also interesting is that the banner advertising the event includes a gold model of the device, a design choice which hasn’t been available for the Moto 360. This has made us wonder whether they plan on taking one the Apple Watch Edition with the new device?

That being noted, it would make sense why Lenovo decided to hold the event just before Apple’s on September 9.

We’re yet to receive an invitation to an event in the UK, so we’re unsure whether Motorola will once again hold simultaneous events across the globe as it usually does. Stay tuned for any updates, however.

In other Moto 360 news, a leak earlier this week revealed what looked to be a much sportier version of the Moto 360, an image of which you can see below. Once again the off-centre crown is still present, but this time the device is more of a one-piece rubber build, suggesting it could be waterproof and designed more for fitness.

Again, this is another hint that Motorola could be taking on Apple in the smartwatch market.



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