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Can’t a guy just enjoy a bath without being surprised with a smartwatch he wasn’t expecting until September 8? Thanks, Motorola.

Yesterday we reported that Lenovo had started sending invites out to an event for the Moto 360 which is scheduled to take place on September 8. Before then however, Motorola decides to sneakily unveil the second generation Moto 360, it’s new updated device which comes in a number of flavours and has a much better battery life.

“Any watch can tell the time – but what about one that can give you time?” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but that’s how Motorola opened their press release for the new Moto 360, a new “collection” of smartwatches which come in a handful of styles, with a handful of new features, and a handful of extra battery life.

The new collection has been designed specifically with watch enthusiasts in mind. There’s no longer just a single smartwatch for all, now there’s a watch for men, women, and fitness enthusiasts.

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The new designs feature lugs specifically tailored for men and women, with inspiration taken from traditional watch design. There’s also a new polished bezel, and a bucket load of styles to suit any tastes. The watches also come with quick-release bands allowing you to swap between styles in seconds to match your current attire.

Once again the device is powered by Android Wear meaning notifications, voice search, and hands-free control are once again available right on your wrist. One new feature however is the Moto 360’s “Live Dial” which allows you to dive in with shortcuts right from the watch face, opening up apps you use the most.

The new Moto 360 also includes the Moto Body, a “holistic experience” that apparently helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. In addition, the device will feature “incredibly accurate” sensors so you can track your heartrate and calories burned which is then translated into valuable feedback and coaching to  help you improve your fitness.

On that note, there’s also a new Moto 360 Sport.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Sport_Combo

This device is a much more sporty looking watch with a full rubber casing and unibody band. But it doesn’t just look sporty, there’s a hell of a lot more in this one. With the Moto 360 Sport, you can leave your phone at home as the built in GPS tracks your speed, distance, and pace while the heart rate sensor tracks your vitals.

There’s even memory to store music right on the watch allowing you to listen to tracks while you work out. All of this stays visible, even in sunlight thanks to the new AnyLight hybrid display.

The new silicone construction also adds a level of durability to the new design too and wicks away moisture and resists fading or staining, while the side ventilation on the device helps you keep cool.

All of this is now able to stay alive for longer, claims Motorola, who say the new devices now have enough battery to last two full days.

In the UK, you will be able to customise your own Moto 360 on Moto Maker at from September. Prices will vary by design and range from £229.00. Moto 360 Sport will be coming soon.

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