A webcomic that took the internet by storm. I swear when this happens, I always miss it. Just like with Mutafukaz Volume 1 perhaps, which if you haven’t realised by now, this may not be suitable for your child, so keep them on that healthy diet of Punisher comics.

I’m not even sure how to spell that phonetically. So readers and dictators, I’ll let you work that all by yourself. Maybe the reason I miss this Internet comic trends is because of the format you find these comics in. Usually not on my tablet, and instead on my laptop, with my laptop being a moaning fan blower.

So, onto the story. Meet Angelino, who kind of sort of looks like Mr. Popo after losing a load of weight, or a stick man, you decide. He gained super powers after crashing into a truck, this caused him to experience weird headaches and hallucinations…

Also, he has a fried called Vinz, so cool, he spells it with z, oh and he also has a burning skull for a head, which I’m guessing is partially inspired by Ghost Rider, but not Nicholas Cage, however I really did enjoy those National Treasure films.

The book also includes a ton of various bad guys spawned out of various toylines, video games and cartoons all merged into a zany Manga style bizarre artwork universe. Mash that all together with some analogues with downtown LA (AKA Dark Meat City) and some Luchadore stuff then you’ve got Mutafukaz. Think of this like Dragon Ball Z, but a little bit more Western and multicultural.

mutafukaz page

Obviously, anything this strange is the product of passion. A writer or creator who worked on this late into the night (like me writing this belated review after work). So you’ll definitely feel the passion of the freedom to create whatever he wants, so it’s free and wild, which is a definite plus.

The art style is quite interesting, however as throughout the volume the artist varies his style from a more traditional scribbled comic-book, to a cleaner vector-style graphic. There’s also sections of full colour comics, to more noir-style black and white, which a little injection of reds here and there, a little like Sin City.

In addition to the main comic, which spans four chapters, there are pages of concept art, sketches, and other images by the creator. It’s definitely a real passion project, and you can dive deep into the world of the writer.

Overall, the book is Okay… Full of swears and has that vibe of the alternative indie comic. With violence, blood, and the occasional girl, I’d recommend giving it a read, and feel a little better about buying that Spider-man comic over that creator-owned book.

Mutafukaz Volume 1 is set to be published by Titan Comics on September 30.

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