The Apple TV is finally getting an update and was announced today at Apple’s event earlier today.

Apple’s own Tim Cook took to the stage to announce the new Apple TV by stating that Apple as a company had worked long and hard on the new Apple TV as well to bring it up to their vision.

It starts with a vision. Our vision for TV is simple and perhaps a little provocative. The future of television is apps. This transition has already begun. We spend more time on our computers and mobile devices enjoying content through apps. 60% of pay TV streaming video is consumed on an Apple device. All is consumed through an app.

The new Apple TV will have Siri built in, and from the demo shown on stage it would seem that Siri will allow for quick and easy navigation and for helping to search through the store to find things to watch. You’ll even be able to ask Siri about the weather, sports and more with iOS styled animations and designs to keep the experience the same across the Apple family.

The slick new remote that has a glass touch area to allow for ease of use and cool features common to your iOS devices. There are also simple touch gestures that add a nice layer of depth and interaction to the new Apple TV. Such as the highlighted object moving as you slide your finger around the remote.



A number of apps and games will be available on the Apple TV such as current apps like Rayman but also a number of new games such as Guitar Hero and even a new Crossy Road multiplayer. The Apple TV will also allow you to do some shopping with apps such as Gilt or even check out the sexy design of the HBO app. Even the new screensaver are eye candy for anyone who gets the new Apple TV. All of this is possible thank to the new tvOS that will be available for developers so the Apple TV will keep growing and getting better.

All the current content that is available on the Apple TV will be available on the new Apple TV along with all the new features. The tvOS will be avaiable for developers today with the Apple TV releasing late October.


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