Lionhead Studios and Microsoft are continuing their Heroes of Albion series this week with a brand new trailer which highlights another new character, Flair, a circus archer turned hero.

Fable Legends is set to launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 at some point this year, and Flair joins a roster of several Fable Legends heroes, each of whom have their own unique skillsets and weapons.

She can fire three arrows at once, light these arrows on fire and even throw tar ahead of her and set it alight using a flaming arrow, seriously, she’s a total bad ass. In addition to her arrow firing skills, she can also breathe fire to keep enemies at bay.

Interestingly, she can also turn invisible, in a fashion. Flair can place a firework on the ground, then dive into battle. If things start to go south she can teleport bag to the firework and become invisible for a brief moment. This power also extends to teammates with Flair firing the firework making anyone standing nearby (aside from Flair) invisible for a brief period.

Flair’s dodge skill is also pretty bad ass, as she’ll be able to cartwheel out of the way kicking anyone in the face as she goes.

Flair, the latest addition to the roster, is the twelfth hero to be revealed for the game and with a circus performer background comes with many acrobatic skills as well as a talent for archery.

In Fable Legends there are a number of character types from Marksman, where Flair slots in, to an Assault class, Controller Class, and Support class.

Check out a closer look at Flair above.

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