Master Chief is dead. Killed in action on October 27th 2650, according to the rather glum newscaster in the newly released live action trailer.

So we’ve seen a wounded Master Chief lying beneath a beaten statue of himself with a pistol packing Spartan Locke bearing down on him, and an exact role reversal of that situation. Confusing stuff, considering they’re supposedly on the same side. Add the reports of Spartan 117’s death, and we’ve got some full blown head scratching on our hands, as the Internet does it’s thing on Halo 5: Guardians and takes general theorising for a stroll.

With Halo being an Xbox exclusive, Microsoft are attempting to traction some more pre-release interest to try and secure pole position on this years console race. Having sold over 65 million units and generating 4.6 billion dollars in revenue, the Halo Series has always been a pivotal part of the Xbox campaign.

So the latest Halo 5: Guardians trailer to see the light is a bit upsetting for Chiefer’s, but I’m sure our man in green will persevere.

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