King Art Games launched the Kickstarter Campaign for The Dwarves on September 1 and already they’ve achieved 50 per cent of their funding goal. To celebrate, the developer has released a new trailer answering some of the important questions about the game.

The Dwarves is a brand new story-driven tactical RPG coming to PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It launched on Kickstarter on September 1 looking to secure $260,000 in order to complete development of the game. But what the hell is The Dwarves?

If you’re unsure about King Art Games’ latest title, then this new trailer is for you. It asks the important questions such as Who is the main hero, Tungdil? What is the game world, Girdlegard? How does combat work in The Dwarves? What makes the new developed Crowd Combat System interesting?

You can check the full video out above.

The Dwarves looks to be a pretty entertaining game, especially with the Crowd Combat System which sees swarms of enemies circling you at once, with your only option to barge through the crowd sending enemies flying across the map, or even better, off the edge of cliffs and bridges.

In less than a week The Dwarves has achieved 50 per cent of it’s funding goal, and to celebrate they’ve already announced a bunch of stretch goals to coax players into throwing more cash their way  including:

  • Local Coop – a feature that many supporters of the campaign have requested.
  • New Game modes – including New Game + and a Horde mode.
  • Additional Character – created by Markus Heitz, author of The Dwarves series of books, with their own questline.

You can check out The Dwarves over on Kickstarter.

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