Activision have released a new trailer for their upcoming cel-shaded collaboration with Platinum Games, Transformers: Devastation.

Among some new footage from the game itself lies some behind-the-scenes footage of legendary Transformers alumnus Peter Cullen providing the voice for Optimus Prime and his thoughts on the series and the upcoming title.

[su_quote style=”default”]It’s a privilege to play Optimus Prime, number one. Going back to 1984, first reading the lines for Optimus Prime, it was my brother Larry, who was a marine, who gave me the advice “If you’re gonna be a hero, be a real hero, don’t be a phony and start barking and yelling and screaming like you’re a tough guy. Be strong enough to be gentle.

It’s great hearing the thoughts and process of someone with such a history with the series as Peter Cullen, and his commentary makes the video above worth watching on its own.

In addition to the new trailer, Activision have also outlined some of the game’s pre-order bonuses, those being three character skins – Nemesis Prime, Red Alert and Goldfire – as well as three powerful weapons, the Dark Star Sabre, Photon Disruptor and twin Golden Hunter blaster pistols.

From a graphical standpoint Transformers: Devastation is looking really good, capturing the best parts of the classic 80s Transformers visual style. Plus, with Platinum behind the wheel, there’s sure to be some insane, over-the-top beat-’em-up gameplay to back it up.

Take a look at the new Transformers: Devastation trailer in the video above.

Transformers: Devastation is releasing on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC next month.

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