Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer looks to be an absolutely adorable little game, but for those unfamiliar with the series, what exactly do players do in the upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS?

Thankfully for those unsure, Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the game introducing players old and new to what the game is about.

In the main Animal Crossing series players were rated on how well they designed their homes and in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Nintendo takes that idea and runs with it, making it into its own game where players are tasked with designing homes to their customers satisfaction.

Not only will players be able to customise the insides of the homes, they’ll be able to take on the outside too choosing the building, the colours, and even customising the gardens too!

In addition to homes, players will also be able to take on bigger challenges in amongst the town from designing the school building and more.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is set to land on the Nintendo 3DS on October 2.

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