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Earlier this year a new smartphone case launched on Kickstarter which was set to offer similar modular technology as Project ARA without the need to buy a new smartphone. The Kickstarter smashed through its funding within days, and ever since, nexpaq have been working on creating more components for users to add to their case. One way they’ve achieved this is with their nexpaq Hackathon.

nexpaq enlisted the help of budding developers in a Hackathon competition in which developers were to create their own modules for the phone case. The Hackathon took place last month and now they’ve crowned the winners and have put two new modules into production.

The two winners were judged on a number of factors, Platform suitability, Ability to extend to support other modules, Teams capability to bring to market, and the initial Startup Pitch to judges.

Out of all of the entries, two won over the judges and have now gone into development, the first is the ISMpaq, an ultra-low power wireless mesh network that allows people and devices to communicate up to 2km away without network service. The second is a joystick module for gaming and drone flying. They were picked out of a total of 13 teams and over 60 attendees from the nexpaq community.

Here’s a quick overview video of the event as well as an interview with a couple of people at nexpaq:

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You can currently purchase your own nexpaq case from their online store which is compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, The Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S6 Edge, the OnePlus One, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

A few images from the event can also be seen below, it shows just exactly what the developers had to work with in order to create the two modules. They’re rough, but they’re darn interesting!

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