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For those of you in the UK who updated to iOS 9 on their iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you might have realised one of the OS’ biggest features is missing: Apple News. But there’s a way you can get it, if you’d prefer to change the way you type.

When Apple announced iOS 9 earlier this year, one of the main features of the new OS was the new News app, an app which made news look better, feel more native, and collected it all in one place. When iOS launched last night however, Apple News was Missing, at least for those of us in the UK.

Currently there’s no official word from Apple as to when the News app will be launching in the UK, but they did reveal at the announcement that it would be coming to the United States and the UK first, among a few other countries.

Fortunately, with the tweaking of a few settings, you’ll be able to get Apple News in a jiffy, that is if you can put up with writing on a US keyboard.

All you really need to do is change your iPhone or iPad’s language to English US via Settings>Language>Region. Change the Region from United Kingdom to United States. Once you’ve done that you’ll be prompted whether you want to change to English (United States) or stay with English (United Kingdom), choose the United States option.

The screen should then reset, and on your homescreen you’ll find the Apple News app and you’ll be able to access the many publishers available on Apple News, including n3rdabl3!

If you’d rather not spell colour like “color”, then head to your phone’s Language & Region settings and switch the language to English (United Kingdom). It’s worth noting though that despite the language change, the keyboard settings will be in the US layout, and the date format will also change.

Apple News is likely set to roll out in the next couple of weeks, so it may be worth waiting rather than switching out to the US way of things. Though, they’re not exactly major changes, so it may be worth trying out for a couple of weeks?

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