It’s a weird time for the Fantastic Four. What will happen to the First Family of Marvel? Will they stay with Fox, who is desperate to keep the franchise in fear of losing a big revenue stream? Or will Marvel’s Disney-appointed super-mega-lawyer-force get their own way again? So for the reboot which will have to happen in the near future, if Fox wants to keep the rights, I have another new idea!

That’s right, I have yet another idea of how to save the Fantastic Four. Just in case my idea of adapting the Mangaverse Fantastic Four isn’t working for you.

How about telling the Fantastic Four from Dr. Doom’s perspective? Here’s my rough treatment idea:

Were in Latveria, the dictator lead state, by the villainous Dr. Doom. The Fantastic Four have entered the capital, Doomstadt, as Doom overlooks the Four slowing making their way to his fortress – Castle Doom, whilst on the balcony, out of sight. Doom reminisces in the form of flashbacks to why he hates each of the team. However he falls sort of a real reason to dislike Johnny Storm (AKA The Human Torch).

By this point, if the writing is done right. You’ll feel like Doom is the misunderstood martyr, the likeable anti-hero, until the Fantastic Four reach the castle and Doom near fatally wounds the Human Torch, simply because he doesn’t like him.

I mean… it’s an idea right? If you look at things. The Fantastic Four have contributed some of the big Marvel villains, like Galactus or Dr. Doom. They even offered a new way to approach the dual-civilian and superhero identity game.

So, wouldn’t it just make more sense to tell the story from Doom’s perspective? Unless Marvel end up getting the rights back for him, of course.

Just think about it, you can then keep the character’s personalities simple, you can have the prudent father (Reed Richards) of course you’ll remodel the damsel in distress as the tough intellectual rival (Susan Storm), the tough guy (Ben Grimm), and the hot headed teen (Johnny Storm)

So with the first one sorted out, someone may want to think up the sequels?

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I love this idea, but only if Marvel get the rights back, let's have a Doom movie.

My pitch would be like your's except Iron Man is assaulting the castle, much like the comics.

He then remembers his life up to that point, his scar from Mr Fantastic, the troubles of being a dictator, being defeated by squirrel girl, everything that led to the assault on his castle.

In the end he turns out to be a doom bot anyway, which explodes injuring Tony Stark.

The end?