Payday 2: Crimewave Edition launched on Xbox One this June and ever since has been a broken mess for most people, especially when it comes to matchmaking – one of the core parts of the game considering it’s a co-op game.

Despite Overkill releasing a patch earlier this year, thinks have remained incredibly broken for many, with getting into a multiplayer game being close to impossible. This hasn’t just been limited to the Xbox One however, those who purchased the game on PlayStation 4 have also been having problems, again mostly when it comes to matchmaking.

Along with a lack of updates from Overkill and the PC version of the game continuing to get solid support, players really aren’t happy.

Now, the game’s producer Almir Listo has apologised in a post on reddit, for the ongoing troubles and has revealed that a massive overhaul of the game’s systems are being worked on.

[su_quote style=”default”]We want to apologize for our lack of communication with the status on both platforms (Xbox 1 and PS4). You deserve to get updates on a more regular basis, and we understand it’s frustrating to see the PC version of the game getting update after update while you wait to know what’s going on.

Apparently a “full remake” of Payday 2’s Xbox One matchmaking system will aim to make it simpler for players to join games, is in the works.

This is a solution that is built from the ground up, as the previous matchmaking system we have for PS4 and PC doesn’t work well with your platform. Right now this is our number one priority. Our ambition is to go live with the new matchmaking system and additional fixes within the coming weeks, and no later than the end of the year. Does that mean that we want to release it on 31st of December? Absolutely not, we want to get it done ASAP.

He also added that all future content coming to the game will be identical to those released on the PC version, but had no concrete plans on when they’ll surface.

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