Popular smartwatch company, Pebble, is once again counting down to something. We’re all suspecting it to be a new smartwatch, and rumours suggest that the company could be launching its first round faced device.

Considering the latest Pebble watch, the Pebble Time, only recently launched, it seems odd that the company would already be announcing their next device, but hey ho, it’s happening and it could be something everyone wants.

The countdown which is currently running on Pebble’s website is set to come to an end on Wednesday at 6PM UK time, or 10am PDT.

At that time, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky is set to take the stage at TechCrunch’s Distrupt conference, so something could be announced at that time. Some think it could be new software for the device, others believe it could be a new watch with a round face.

Until then all we can do is speculate, though with the current trend of round smarwatches it wouldn’t surprise me if Pebble were to announce a round variant of its Pebble Time watch.

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