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Just like some expected, Pebble’s mysterious count down was counting down to the company unveiling another new smartwatch, this time it’ll be round and launching outright meaning it won’t require a crowdfunding campaign to become a reality.

For as long as Pebble has been a thing, they’ve been selling smartwatches that are rectangular, and while many followed suit, a trend has begun as companies scramble desperately to bring a more fashionable round smartwatch to consumers. It started with the Moto 360 followed by LG, Samsung, and Huawei, now Pebble are also jumping on the round bandwagon, but this time they’re doing it right.

The Pebble Time Round was announced today and, according to Pebble, is the lightest and thinnest smartwatch. Coming in at $249, the Pebble Time Round is just 7.5mm thick, making other smartwatch look like you’re wearing a box on your wrist. Pebble say it’s the thinnest full-featured smartwatch you can get.

The Pebble Time Round is all metal, just like the Pebble Time Steel. It boast a 38.5mm face but in a similar fashion to the Moto 360 the actual watch face doesn’t fill it. Instead an oddly large bezel surrounds the display, which dwarves the display somewhat.

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In addition to this, the Pebble Time Round will also sacrifice battery life bringing it on par with some of the more recent smartwatch competitors. No longer will it last for multiple days on a single charge, instead it’ll last just two days. Though the battery will offer a 24-hour battery in around 15 minutes charge time.

As this device is also in the Time range, it comes with a microphone for voice actions, it also comes with a 64-colour display with backlight, and finally it’ll have splash resistance, which again is a compromise considering the other watches are water resistant.

The device will come in two sizes, one aimed at a male audience, another at female, though it doesn’t have a different face size, instead the straps will be different, with 20mm strap on the mens version, while the women’s version is 14mm. The smaller model will also come in Rose Gold in addition to Silver and Black.

Pebble has adjusted the software slightly for the Pebble Time Round switching to a page-based display rather than a scrolling display, letting the text wrap more naturally for the round displays. Pebble is offering an SDK for developers to adapt their watch faces and apps for the new dimensions.

The Pebble Time Round starts at $249 and can be reserved at (shipping worldwide), Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Watches start shipping and will be available at US and Canadian retailers in early November.

Retail availability in the UK will begin later this year, followed by EU retailers in early 2016.

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