Cherry Pop Games’ Pool Nation was a game that I found myself enjoying way more than I thought I would – whilst one might scoff at the idea of a virtual pool simulation, the game managed to be exceedingly enjoyable in its own right, pitting you against some seriously challenging AI in a variety of different modes and having rules for a whole bunch of different pool games, from 8-Ball (with an optional UK version that turns all the balls red and yellow, thanks very much for that!) to Killer.

Building on the success of the original, Cherry Pop have returned to the Steam Crucible carrying Pool Nation FX in tow, a new game built on Unreal Engine 4, made with the aim of being “the ultimate pool simulation.” The game already boasts some gorgeous new environments to test one’s cue skills in and, whilst it’s hard to comment on the quality of the simulation itself without playing it, any potential improvement on the already great pool gameplay from the original can only be a good thing.

Pool Nation FX #2As an added bonus, it looks like mod support might be on the cards – I remember being a bit disappointed upon finding out that the original’s Steam Workshop integration only extended to replays and trickshots – being able to make things like your own environments, ball liveries and table decals would’ve been great – so you can imagine I was really pleased to see that among the tags on the game’s store page are “Includes Level Editor” and “Includes Source SDK”. If that means we’re going to be able to whip up some truly custom content, count me in.

Pool Nation FX is available on Xbox One following an extended period in Games with Gold earlier this year, as for the PC release, it’ll be available on Steam Early Access from the 28th September.

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