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Welcome to Bounty Train

After a brief conversation with the big man upstairs (the editor) I have learnt two things; Firstly, joking about your favourite film being Brokeback Mountain can never end well. At least not around here. And secondly, I don’t hate trains half as much as I thought I did. Or want to.

Say hello to Bounty Train, a strategy game that features, well trains.

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Exhibit A: a train. Told ya!

Be prepared to conquer the Wild West on rails! Mount and design your very own train with plenty of detailed equipment, hire a loyal, bold and selfless crew and travel through the dangerous Wild West. Find your way by cleverly using your resources and by shipping goods and passengers. Solve problems your own way, either through diplomacy, violence or bribery.

Explore the dangerous life, the accurate historic events and contemporary inventions of the North American/US 19th century. Acquire one of the most legendary steam machines and transform it into a fortress on rails. Fulfil surprising quests and face notorious bandits, vengeful Natives and even more enemies. You can only achieve this journey of your life, if you pay attention to all these thrilling factors. – Bounty Train Store Page

So, trains are fun? Well I didn’t think so… but oddly, I’m beginning to change my mind.

You see, its 19th century America and my locomotive is busy transferring Weapons, Oil and bootlegged DVD’s across our colonial cousins’ homeland. Yet, its not just about playing pioneering UPS man. I’m fending off attacks from the savage natives with my rag tag group of vagabonds. I’m putting out fires. I’m making sure my guys are in cover and able to fight back at the same time.

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It’s the Wild, Wild West but there is no Will Smith in sight. There are shootouts, RTS micro-management tasks, side-quests and trains. Lots of trains.

This looks rather promising…

In fact, Bounty Train seems rather well rounded. With Daedalic Entertainment clearly taking a number of different game dynamics and meshing them – rather well I’d say – into an exciting and sometimes annoyingly difficult game. Whilst playing with trains may seem nerdy, even to us nerds, Bounty Train is so far rather enjoyable. It’s not about playing with trains, no, this is about so much more. It’s like Desperados (one of my favourite games coincidently), Monopoly and a Train Simulator all melded into one.

But don’t just take my word for it, according to the games developers, “Bounty Train is a complex game. Your character will be an engine driver, a train engineer, a fighter, a trader, and an investigator, probably all at once. This complexity requires a wide variety of game mechanics from different game genres, such as train simulators, real-time strategy games, business simulations and RPGs. It is difficult to create such a complex game from scratch, so we decided to do it step by step. In cooperation with our passionate players we hope to make Bounty Train an enjoyable experience.”

Plus, let’s not forget that everybody loves a spaghetti western. Choo Choo.

Bounty Train is available on Steam now for Early Access.

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