The Raspberry Pi Foundation has today announced a new piece of kit for their ever expanding micro-computer range, an official 7-inch touch screen display, that’s now on sale online for £48, as well as through a handful of retailers.

The new display was first teased around a year ago, but due to a number of delays it’s taken the Foundation a number of months to get things working properly. Though don’t expect to be killing any flagship tablets any time soon.

The display, though it’s affordable, is pretty low-end, but will allow developers and hobbyists use the micro-PC without having to hook it up to larger monitors. The 7-inch self-contained unit sports a 800 x 480 display, and is designed to work with the £30 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.



Hooking up the display is relatively simple, and uses just two inputs on the board. It’s powered using the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO port, and it works via a ribbon cable which connects to the PC’s DSI port. The computer can then be attached to the back of the screen in order to keep everything neat.

An update is expected to roll-out to the Raspbian OS, including the touch screen drivers enabling 10-finger touch and an on-screen keyboard.

This new addition will no-doubt bring a number of new ideas and uses for the micro-PC as well as offer a simple way for those without the additional hardware, to begin programming the device.

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