If you’re any sort of classic technology buff, chances are you’ll have heard of the ZX Spectrum. Since its original release way back in 1982, it become one of the most popular computer systems of its time, doing a great deal for the PC gaming market in the process, with huge hits like Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Jetpack, and many more helping to pave the way for the various gaming standards we know and love today.

Whilst the original models stopped production in 1992, Elite Systems Ltd., a company who programmed a number of Spectrum games in the past, have come forward with what they’ve termed the “Recreated ZX Spectrum” – the only authorised full size re-creation of the Spectrum currently available on the market.

The Recreated ZX Spectrum is exactly as its name implies – a fully recreated ZX Spectrum system, complete with the same 40 rubber buttons the system was famous for, with extra attention given to fully recreating the original system’s tactile feeling.

That said, the actual device is not a computer in and of itself – it’s technically a keyboard, which connects to a multitude of modern tablets, phones and computers via a wired connection or Bluetooth, powered by two AA batteries.

The device’s unique functionality comes from the Recreated ZX Spectrum app, which unlocks the Recreated ZX Spectrum for use as a keyboard and lets users get freshly acquainted with over 50 games from the 8-bit computer’s past, with more on the way – including the aforementioned Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy alongside Chuckie Egg, Critical Mass, Saboteur, Roller Coaster and a bunch of others. For those who fancy trying their hand at Spectrum programming themselves, the Spectrum BASIC program is also included.

For more information, take a look at Elite Systems’ “Introducing the Recreated ZX Spectrum” instructional video above. A 19-minute in-depth operating guide for the system can also be found here.

The offical Recreated ZX Spectrum website, with ordering locations, can be found here.

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Sorry but £100 for a Bluetooth keyboard and emulator is an outrageous sum and the same goes for Spectrum Vega – also £100. If both these devices were around £30 then I would have snapped up either one without giving it a second thought – but £100? Not a chance. This isn't 1982 guys and your devices don't reflect current technology prices.
Extremely greedy, both companies.