red tornado

It’s one for Young Justice fans too! That’s right the cross wind is back! Red Tornado has been revealed as a villain for Supergirl. Looks like CBS are stacking it up against Supergirl.

So alongside this new bad guy announcement, it looks like Supergirl may have her hands full. With Maxwell Lord, the immortal villain who’s been alive since the caveman and has tons of illegitimate children all over the shop.

You’ve also got Reactron (who will surely react badly to the news) and of course, her doomed love interest – The Toyman – a super villain themed around toys.

That’s a lot of bad guys. With a few familiar faces already appearing in various trailers. This could suffer from the issue of Supergirl being overwhelmed and the repetitive Supergirl saving the day and her powerless normal cast acting a hostage bait and often casual intellectual support.


Plus, good old Red Tornado is more known as a hero of course, with a typically comic book style origin. Imagine Data but he can create wind, with a chequered and complex past playing a part in the big DC comics mega events. Or he’s in a better place with the Justice League, like the 2007 incarnation during the Lighting Saga, a story which bought the Legion of Superheroes from the 31st century to the current era with the Justice League.

Of course, Young Justice fans know Red Tornado as the mentor of ‘the team’ in Young Justice, which follow the adventure of junior heroes running covert missions. Like most comic book multimedia stuff. This mirrored the adventures of late 90s superhero team Young Justice.

The look itself feels like a TV-budget version of The Vision. Iddo Goldberg should be up to the task to be fair. He has a huge list of TV credentials like Defiance and The Walking Dead

Supergirl is set to appear on the 26th October with Melissa Benoist as the lead as Kara Zor El, the last daughter of Krypton trying to make her way in the world.

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