Photo via JND Photography.

So, here’s something that not everyone can say: If you were at Dragon Con and played in the chess tournament, you could have played against Chess Jawa.

That’s right, guys.  A sand person from Star Wars, playing chess.  For charity, of all things.  Chess Jawa is actually a 9th grader named Stephen Eisenhauer.  Stephen was playing to raise money for Dragon Con’s yearly charity cause, which this year happened to be the Lymphoma Research Foundation.  He single-handedly raised $478 this year and went undefeated the entire Con.  I’m impressed.

He has his own twitter (@chessjawa – give him a follow, he’s doing something awesome with his brains) and a pretty healthy following, including people who simply came to watch him play.  It turns out that he comes from a family of Star Wars fans and cosplayers, who completely support him in his love to don a robe and glowing eyes, and beat the pants off of others on a chess board.

So he’s a freshman, who studies both his school work and chess tactics, and then uses his powers for good (and charity).  What are you doing with your life?

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