Harmonix have released a blog post detailing some of the finer points of Rock Band 4’s new Career Mode. Career mode for me was always fun but never held me really, but now it seems they have revamped it to the point where it is essentially an RPG like system.

One of the options you can pick is “Play a Show”, which is explained here:

Shows are the building blocks of Rock Band 4. Shows are made up of songs and split into sets. During a show you’ll make decisions with your band mates (vote on your setlist, take crowd requests, play an encore) while you play. The gameplay is the standard Rock Band play that you’re used to, with a few shiny new things thrown in to make it easier to collaborate with (or grief) your bandmates.

So that’s already sounding pretty cool, your standard Rock Band gameplay with a few new twists added. Now what has me excited is the new career mode titled “Go on Tour”, which takes your band on a wild ride to becoming the biggest band in the world.

You’ll experience the ins and outs of making decisions with your band, playing shows, weighing whether to sell out or get by, and creating a name and identity for yourself.

They have also said there will be choices that will affect the gameplay of your band as well.

Each choice that you and your band make impacts your story and the types of shows that you encounter. Some paths will lead to more freedom (voting and pick your own setlists), while others will trade in setlist restrictions in favor of big payouts. Certain story lines will bring fame and riches, some will bring adventures on the road and close calls, while other choices will reward your band with gear, clothing, and customization options.

So this already has me very excited for the future of Rock Band 4 and I will definitely be picking this up when it releases on October 6 on PS4 and Xbox One. You can check out the full blog post here.

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