If you’ve been saving up all of your pennies to grab yourself a RuneScape t-shirt, mouse mat, or any other RuneScape related merch, but your in-game character is sitting on a pile of RuneScape bonds, today there’s some pretty top news, you can now use those bonds to purchase merch in the official RuneScape store.

RuneScape Bonds are becoming more than just in-game currencies as Jagex have been allowing players of the long-running MMORPG to use these bonds to purchase tickets to their annual RuneFest, and now you can use those bonds to purchase physical goods, such as shirts, caps, and more.

Who needs real-world currency anyway? That’s the unofficial word from Jagex, as they’ve unlocked the official RuneScape store to accept Bonds to acquire a range of items which pay homage to the game.

For those unfamiliar with RuneScape Bonds, players can acquire these one of two ways, either purchasing Bonds with real-world cash from Jagex, or through bartering with other players. According to Jagex, since the Bonds launched in 2013, more than 350,000 RuneScape Bonds are transacted every month.

RuneScape StoreRuneScape’s annual RuneFest is set to take place this October 3, at the Tobacco Dock in London. Tickets have unfortunately already sold out, and of those, around 50 per cent of tickets were purchased using RuneScape Bonds.

Could Bonds become the new Bitcoin?



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