According to 9to5Google, a second generation Chromecast is in the works that’ll come with a bunch of new features including possible Spotify support, all of which are set to debut at Google’s event later this month.

The new Chromecast will come with a more rounder look, in fact it won’t look anything like its predecessor. Instead of the dongle-like look, it’ll come as a disc-based unit, likely with various ports, one for HDMI and another for audio, as another image shows an auxiliary cable with the new device.

In addition to the changes on the outside, the insides of the new Chromecast are also set to change with a better WiFi connection, a “Fast Play” mode that’s set to make connecting to a TV much quicker, and the ability to connect it to an external speaker, possibly allowing it to be used as a music streaming device too.

You can check out the images over at 9to5Google, though be warned, they’re pretty low quality.

In addition to this new leak, there’s also word that Google will also announce Spotify support for the Chromecast, both the new generation device and the old one, something users have been calling for, for some time.

All of this is set to be unveiled at Google’s press event on September 29.

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