Shiva is looking the chibi-est she ever has.

We’re still waiting for a release date, but hey at least we’ve got a new trailer! This one introduces us to the world of Grymoire and showcases a bunch of familiar monsters, called Mirages, and characters that you can befriend and fight with in the game, such as Cactuar, Ifrit, Shiva, the Warrior of Light and Lightning.

This game is looking more and more like an entry-level FF game geared towards young ‘uns, even more than Kingdom Hearts is. In fact, the art style is very similar to Kingdom Hearts when the characters aren’t in chibi form. I’m that one guy that doesn’t like Kingdom Hearts that much, but I’ll reserve judgement on World of Final Fantasy until we’ve got some actual gameplay. This trailer has moments that look like gameplay but that could just be to give us an idea of what combat will look like.

World of Final Fantasy is slated for release some time in 2016

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