Yacht Club Games have announced that the free expansion coming to Shovel Knight will finally launch on Thursday, September 17. Plague of Shadows allows players to play as the Plague Knight, an alchemist who can chuck bombs at his foes.

The Plague of Shadows update is free, but players will need to have completed the main campaign in order to get access to the Plague Knight. Once complete, the Plague Knight will unlock as well as an accompanying adventure as well as the all-new Challenge Mode.

For those who don’t have a complete save either by not having the game to hand, or just can’t get that far (I know, platform games are hard, man), Yacht Club Games has promised to share a code that’ll unlock the Plague Knight.

The Plague of Shadows expansion is set to offer a completely new way to play, different from Shovel Knight, with a focus on crafting to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Plague of Shadows launches on September 17 and will come as a free update.

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