Snapchat became popular thanks to its ability to allow users to sent pictures to each other that disappear forever after a set period of time (usually a few seconds). Since then, Snapchat has introduced much more into their app including stories and more, and now you can replay those snaps you really like, at a cost.

In a new update which is currently rolling out to users, you can now choose to spend $1 for a total of three replays to use however you like. So if you’re friend sends you a hilarious snap, all you have to do is spend a dollar, and you can play it again.

Elsewhere in the update is a bunch of new photo effects, which uses facial recognition to manipulate your face and create some pretty creepy images, one of which is pretty terrifying, especially if that popped up in the middle of the night. They’re dubbed “Lenses” and offer a series of different facial emotion effects, from the scary one I mentioned, to a monocle, to an anime-style Lense where you spew rainbows.

There’s also a Trophy Case, which is some form of achievement system for frequent users of the app.

With Snapchat becoming a pretty big deal, it comes as no surprise that Snapchat have rolled out a feature such as this.

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