It’s almost been a week since Frictional Games’ terrifying deep-sea horror title SOMA was released, and Frictional have followed up the release of their latest game with SOMA “Transmission”, which looks to be a daily live-action video series exploring the game’s backstory before everything went, to put it lightly, a bit fishy.

Without getting too spoiler-heavy, the basic premise of the first episode concerns a pair of structural engineers, presumably staff of PATHOS-II, going to investigate something one of them found in one sector 12-Q. Needless to say, things begin to get weird pretty quickly, starting with the pair finding the facility’s “structural gel” leaking out and creating strange “scabs” on the walls and building quite rapidly from there.

It seems like Frictional aren’t quite done teasing us with cryptic SOMA lore even after the game’s been released. Take a look at the SOMA’s first “Transmission” episode in the video above.

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