EA Games and DICE have finally unveiled when players can dive into the unique universe of Star Wars Battlefront, not only on PC, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 too. It’ll be coming this October, and will include Walker Assault on Hoth, a 40-player multiplayer battle featuring Rebels and the Empire, and the Survival Mission on Tatooine.

Walker Assault on Hoth is something we’ve seen a number of times in various gameplay trailers, and even the E3 briefing had an extended look at this particular battle in action.

For those out of the Star Wars loop, Walker Assault on Hoth will throw players in the role of two of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars series, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

In addition to that 40-player multiplayer battle, players will also be able to test out the Survival Mission on Tatooine where you and a friend, both of whom will be members of the Rebel Army, will fight back against waves of the Imperial forces.

If that wasn’t enough for you, EA Games has also revealed that a new mode will be coming to the Beta in October called, Drop Zone, though little detail has been revealed about this mode.

Finally, EA Games has also announced that, as part of the beta, a new experience is coming, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion, a free-to-play mobile game that’ll feature a strategic card game called Base Command. The app also allows players to check their in-game stats and progression, as well as customise loadouts and appearance, and connect with friends.

The Star Wars Battlefront Companion will be available on web and in the Apple App Store and Google Play store prior to the release of Star Wars Battlefront on November 17.

Are you pumped for Star Wars Battlefront? I know I am, and I’m yet to actually watch Star Wars, so that’s something, right?

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