Super Mario Bros. Turns 30 Today! Nintendo Appoints new CEO

Super Mario Bros. turns 30 years old today and already a bunch of fantastic things have happened in celebration. First of all we’ve got Supper Mario Maker and the celebratory 30th anniversary amiibo, but that’s not all.

Following the untimely death of Nintendo’s previous CEO Satoru Iwata, Nintendo has today appointed a new CEO, former executive, Tatsumi Kimishima. Kimishima will become the fifth president in the company’s vast history.

Kimishima previously guided Nintendo of America as president, and prior to that he served as Chief Financial Officer of The Pokémon Company as wellas head of Pokémon USA, Inc..

Prior to today’s announcement he was most recently in charge of a number of admin roles such as Corporate Analysys & Administration, Human Resources, and other similar roles.

Kimishima will officially take on his new roles on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

In addition to this news, the Internet is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of our favourite plumber bros. with Google adding an interactive mystery box to their search results if you Google “Super Mario Bros.” and even Microsoft is getting in on the action with an 8-bit version of their famous ninja cat riding a dinosaur.

Just head to the Microsoft homepage and enter the Konami code for a lovely 8-bit related treat.

Super Mario Bros. was probably one of the first video games I owned after receiving an NES for Christmas in the early 90s. It came as part of a bundle with both Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I always struggled with Mario, and still do to this day, platformers really aren’t my thing, but it’s definitely a memorable part of my gaming upbringing. Plus, that light gun was fantastic.

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