A new challenger is approaching in Super Smash Bros today in a surprise DLC drop alongside the new Mario Maker stage.

It wasn’t to long ago that Nintendo announced that they would be adding a Mario Maker stage to Super Smash Bros for both WiiU and 3DS today. Much to the surprise of everyone though it seems there has been a whole DLC drop to go with the new stage as well including a second stage.

For the WiiU players can get their hands on the pirate ship level from Super Smash Bros Brawl with the 3DS version now getting a Duck Hunt stage. Both versions of the game have gotten the Mario Maker stage today as well which changes on each play for added fun. The Mario Maker stage is prices at £2.29 for both 3DS and WiiU with the pirate ship level priced at £1.79. The Duck Hunt stage is available for 3DS for free which is nice.

Super Smash Bros

The extra surprise that I’m sure no one sure coming is a load of new costumes for the Mii Fighters including a business suit, Monster Hunter outfit, Captain Falcon outfit and even a Toad costume. As with each drop of Mii Fighter costumes they are available on their own or in bundle packs. The Monster Hunter ones look super awesome as well and who doesn’t love a business suit? You can see them in their full glory in the below video.

Today’s DLC drop makes for a nice surpise for Super Smash Bros players as it shows that Nintendo still have a few tricks up their sleeves. With the Super Smash Bros fighter ballot soon coming to an end as well who knows what the next DLC drop for the game will be. With more stages and Mii Fighter costumes surely planned the real question is, who will the next fighter be? Leave your suggestions below in the comments. Until next time I’m off to try out the new stages.

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