Eeep! looks like a certain girl with super powers and her own TV show has got her plate full come Autumn. Who do I refer to? Supergirl of course!

That’s right, the cousin of Superman is coming back to live-action prime-time TV as she joins the superhero domination of television. But like most superheroes, they tend to have a huge list of rogues, since writers needed to keep if fresh every month, so they decided to create as many villains as they could.

So, Supergirl is outnumbered, and with a supporting cast of non-powered un-superhero types, who else could she turn to in an hour of need or if she feels ill with some Kryptonite food poisoning? I think Superman is off the list, probably down some complex legal rights or just because it’ll interfere with the current plans for the DC Cinematic Universe.

Either way, here’s a few non-Superman suggestions as to who I think could give Supergirl a helping hand.

Krypto the Super-dog – Yes. That’s right. We have a super dog. Krypto is the last dog of Krypton with all the super powers of a human super person. He even had his own cartoon for a bit too. He used to hang out with Ace the Bat-Hound (who was voiced by Patrick Warburton who also the voice of Joe on Family Guy) He even has his own red cape to.

krypto super dog

Superboy – The clone of Superman and Lex Luthor? Yes really. I always find it strange how little time Superboy and Superman spend together. I mean all the other sidekicks like Kid Flash and the various Robins’ spend a lot of time with their respective mentors. Though, Superboy doesn’t. It’s kind of strange really.

Maybe they could make up for that if they had the boy of steel turning with the girl of steel? Or maybe he could be her sidekick? You never know.


Power Girl – Where do I begin about Power Girl? Well, she’s kind of Supergirl, but from Earth 2, add a lot of continuity from the last couple of decades and its anyone’s guess. Maybe one episode she might fancy a quick holiday to a parallel universe perhaps for an episode?


Have I missed anyone? Let me know!

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