Spilt Milk’s cartoon co-op shooter Tango Fiesta finally has a launch date of September 24, which seems pretty ordinary in itself, but that date something special is going to happen…

On Thursday, September 24, EGX 2015 is set to take place, and with Tango Fiesta being such a huge fan of the event (and its Indie-focused sister, Rezzed) Spilt Milk are set to launch the game live!

The aim is to launch the game live on stage at EGX in Birmingham during the Tango Fiesta Rezzed developer session, which is set to take place at 4:30 BST – but unlike most of the developer sessions, it’s not going to be streamed.

Tango Fiesta has Rezzed to thank for its birth, as it was at Rezzed in 2013 during a game jam where the game was created. It’s a homage to 1980s action films that we all know and love, and although it didn’t win the GameJam, it did win enough hearts and was made into a full game.

Though currently in Early Access on Steam for £9.99, the launch is set to offer a small discount, so look out for that. To celebrate the launch, they’ve also released another game telling the story of Tango Fiesta, it’s available on Steam for free and is styled as a JRPG.

EGX 2015 is set to be held at the NEC in Birmingham from Thursday, September 24, to Sunday, September 27.

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