I miss space operas on TV, like Stargate, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. To a certain extent, maybe, just maybe in a low moment, Enterprise. It says something about the standard of your show if the best episodes are set in a parallel universe.

TV is missing a space opera at the moment. The Average Joe survival genre has been played so much in the last few years or so, like Under The Dome, The Walking Dead, and Falling Skies. I mean Sy-Fy have pretty much blanketed Stargate and Battlestar Galactica.

Of course, we know another Star Trek series is sort of probably in the works. Though that’ll take ages to do, so will that eventual Stargate movie, but for now, I have another stupid idea.

So pay attention.

We know the premise of Stargate SG-1 right? The US Air Force VS. Space Alien Gods – all of this is made possible by Stargates, inter-dimensional gates which lead to different planets.

Who are the heroes? SG-1 the elite team fighting the baddies and discovering new civilisations. We’ve got the leader dude, the smart person, the wacky unique one, and the second in command one, who can easily carry a whole episode by herself.

But I say, since Jack O’Neil and Co. have had aaages to clean up the galaxy and the bad guys are still kicking around, it’s time to call in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s right. You’ve got Leonardo the leader, Donatello the smart person, Michelangelo the wacky unique one, and Raphael the kind, sort-of second in command one who can almost carry a story by himself… sort of.

In the wayward world of the galaxy, we need a decent breed of warriors, trained and experienced in dealing with weird stuff. Just like the turtles. Also, the turtles van can easily fit through the Stargate.

That always kind of bugged me about the show. Why didn’t they drive vehicles through the gate? Why walk everywhere. Yes, I know the budget was low, but still it would’ve have been much handier than walking every darn place, surely? Or am I just wrong?

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