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Although we’re all just about coming to terms with the idea that P.T. or Silent Hills will never happen, UK-based studio, Lilith, is still hanging on, so much so that they’ve made Allison Road, a successor of sorts to Konami’s game that’ll never happen.

We’ve already seen a fair bit on Allison Road, a game which was shown off in a series of trailers which echoed the same eerie creepyness of P.T. complete with a terrifying blood-soaked girl with long black hair, mmmm.

At that time however it was nothing more than a concept teaser showing off the Manchester-based home, ghosts ‘n all. But now, following the excitement the trailer sparked, the game is becoming a reality, the team at Lilith just need your help to make it happen.

With a focus on exploration and interaction, Allison Road hopes to take the idea of P.T. and create a more fleshed-out game with objectives and some form of story, with time playing a massive role in the game, as things start to get creepier as night falls.

allison road

The Allison Road Kickstarter, which is now live, is looking for £250,000 to make the game a reality and to focus full-time on the game. It hopes to launch on PC with Oculus Rift support, in late 2016. £300,000 will fund a Mac and Linux port, as well as plans for a PS4 and Xbox One release.

Currently, Allison Road, at time of writing, has secured £55,310 of their £250,000 goal and with 29 days to go, at this rate, it’ll definitely make it, and then some.

Backers can grab a Steam copy of the game for £15 as well as an Xbox One or PS4 version for £20.

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