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Well, this is becoming a bit of a habit…

I mean, the other Uncle Ben can’t even be cold yet, and here I am discussing the idea of replacing him. But, that’s the modern movie zeitgeist.

So, here’s another stupid idea that should catch people’s attention, and screw it let’s just have a bit of fun, because remember kids, comics should be fun in the here and now and not just a huge build up to a bigger expensive story event.

Also, fun doesn’t mean a comic can’t be about anything, so there, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

Anyway, back on point… You know who I mean by Uncle Ben, right? Peter Parkers uncle who took him after his parents died in a much forgotten and badly received comic story?

You know who I mean, the guy who got killed indirectly because Peter didn’t stop a bank robber. This caused him to utter the motivational life mantra for Peter’s superhero ego, Spider-man, Which of course, is: “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Of course, we all know the Spider-man story by now. Kid gets bitten by radioactive spider and is inspired to become a superhero. With two franchises which have already zipped past us on the conveyor belt, we all know Uncle Ben has little screen time, but has a huge effect on the story.

With Aunt May’s casting consistig of someone who appears to be much younger than the previous incarnations, I suggest a huge curve ball and a huge chance to fix a piece of unjust casting.

You may have forgotten strong man and funny guy Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris, Brooklyn 99, and The Expendables) expressed an interest of playing The Thing in Josh Trank’s failed Fantastic Four project, well Terry Crews deserves way more fame than he has already.

He’s a naturally funny actor and a great candidate for action. Plus having this dude turning up as Uncle Ben would rock (excuse the pun).

Imagine when the chips are down and Spider-man is on the ropes and he has a flashback to Uncle Ben motivating him to go on – imagine Terry Crews doing it.

Kaboom. Casting decision done.

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