If you don’t mind a number of Spanish subtitles, a new international trailer for The Good Dinosaur shows a good chunk of new footage including a number of scenes where our dinosaur friends get chatty.

Though The Good Dinosaur has voice actors, the two trailers we’ve seen for the flick haven’t included a single bit of spoken word. Fortunately in the new trailer, Arlo has plenty to say.

The Good Dinosaur tells the story of Arlo and a little human boy becoming unlikely friends as they travel the world to find their home after Arlo gets swept away in a storm. It asks the question, what if humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and looks to be a fantastic movie.

Though the trailer above is mostly in Spanish, the dialogue is in spoken English, so it’s not too hard to follow. It includes lines from Raymond Ochoa as Arlo, as well as Sam Elliott as Butch the tyrannosaurus rex.

It seems Butch isn’t as intimidating as he’s first made out to be, as Arlo and his human friend, Spot, are welcomed into a pack of tyrannosaurus rex.

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