I’ll be honest, I’ve had my eyes on The O way before it launched on Kickstarter thanks to the wonderful team behind the project saying hello to us on Twitter. We managed to get an early look at the design and heard about the general idea behind The O too, and since then we’ve been eager to hear more and for it to finally launch on Kickstarter, and here it is.

In short, The O is a gorgeously designed smart accessory which helps you become less forgetful. It does this by alerting you whenever you leave something important behind using Bluetooth technology, but unlike some trackers, it’s been designed to become almost unnoticeable until it really matters.

I’m an insanely forgetful person. I can’t actually count the amount of times I’ve been standing at a checkout and have realised I’ve forgotten my wallet. In fact a number of times I’ve been held ransome as my wife has had to travel all the way back home to get my wallet after filling up the tank. It’s embarrassing, but for some reason I never learn.

With The O, I can be safe in the knowledge that if I end up leaving my wallet behind again, my phone – which I somehow never forget – will alert me that I’ve left something behind.

Now, before you go thinking that The O is some sort of gaudy looking sticker or dongle that’ll unnecessarily hang from the item it’s attached to. Think again. Designed to resemble a pebble, The O is much more stylish than a sticker or dongle, and that’s something the team behind the device have taken a lot of thought over.

Thanks to its design, it looks charming on a set of keys, it has grooves etched into the surface of The O allowing for its to be securely sewn into a garment or coat, and it’s thin enough to sit comfortably in your wallet.


From here, you and The O essentially do nothing. There’s no need to switch it on, there’s no need to make sure it’s there, because the only way you’ll know something is amiss is if your phone alerts you that you’ve become separated. The moment you get too far away from one of them, the app alerts you immediately. You can personalize the app’s behavior by creating safe zones (geo-fencing), set up automated reminders for essentials and so much more!

The O is also much smarter than just a Bluetooth tether, it also learns your habits and reminds you of your belongings based on your needs, if it’s raining, it’ll remind you to take your umbrella, if it’s cold, it’ll tell you to grab your coat, provided you have The O attached to one of these items, that is.

I could honestly go on about The O all day, or I could simply point you towards the Kickstarter page where they’re looking for £32,000 to put this smart accessory into production, and for those who do back the Kickstarter, you can grab your own O for just £31.

What’s more, there are many ways to customise The O on Kickstarter with premium and luxury accessories to make sure that it suits your style.

You can check out The O on Kickstarter right here.

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