As the school term begins today and the holiday season rolls even closer, it’s time for Guinness World Records to start teasing us with what’s in store for this year’s copy of the iconic book. In this case though, we’re looking at the new annual Gamer’s Edition of the book which includes a ton of gaming-related records, of course.

One of the biggest (literally) records in the book is the World’s Largest Arcade Machine, a machine so big, it can fit an African Elephant inside! (That’s big, by the way).

Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2016 is set to launch later this week on September 10, and features the above record and much more, such as FIFA 15 records, competitive female gamers, an a Minecraft explorer that really needs a break.

The Arcade Machine, which you can see below, is the result of a ton of hard work from Jason Camberis, 44, a Network Engineer from Chicago, USA who took nearly two years to build this epic retro machine that measures a whopping 4.41m tall and 1.06 metres deep!


It features over 200 classic arcade games, including PAC-Man, Dragon Spirit, and more. The arcade machine is also fully functional with all of the giant buttons and 16-inch glass trackball working and controlling the games.

The arcade is so big players have to climb stairs that come out from the bottom to reach the controls!

The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2016 is a must-have gift for any gamer this Christmas and launches on September 10 for £9.99 RRP.

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