It’s almost 2015. The age of the hover board. Why is everyone talking about hover board so much this year though? Well have you ever heard of the Back to The Future films?

In Back to the Future Part II we see our hero Marty Mcfly, your typical 80’s kid skateboarder acquiring a hoverboard when he goes to the future of October 21, 2015, from 1985, where in addition to the hoverboard technology, apparently humans have developed the ability to watch four TV channels at a time.

So, that leads to me to create another ultimate list for all nerds to chow down. As we check the top 5 hoverboards of all time. P.S. I’m discounting the Segway without a pole that YouTube and Vine are going mad over at the moment, because it doesn’t hover, so it doesn’t count.

The Power Rangers in Space Hoverboards – Oh sorry, did you expect me to start with something else? Don’t be silly.

We’ve got some counting to do, so in Power Rangers in Space, the final season of the Japanese adapted superhero franchise, we saw the rangers trade in their motorbike/tie-in toy for hoverboards, because in space, bikes don’t work too well. Check out the nifty poses they uses to control the boards. It sure is something.


Treasure Planet hover board – I keep feeling like I’m missing one. Oh well, never mind, let’s keep going. Treasure Planet was an early 2000s Disney animated movie, a science fiction reimagining of the book, Treasure Planet.

Follow Jim Hawkins on hoverboard/windsurfer gear as you see some solidly animated action sequences getting padded out with a long story which saw this movie get totally forgotten when the Pixar CGI era changed movie animation.


Green Goblin’s Glider – No, I’m sure this isn’t the one I forgot to mention, but yes, that’s right. Technically the arch-nemesis of Spider-man rides around on a hoverboard whilst he kills various blondes and redheaded girls (or at least tries to kill red headed girls, apparently even Marvel can’t do that).


The hover boards of the Butt Ugly Martians – Remember that Saturday morning cartoon? The Butt Ugly Martians. It followed the advanced invasion force from the planet Mars. The catch was, the 3 troopers who made up this unit were hedonistic dudes who just want to ride their hover boards? Bet you’re looking this up in Wikipedia right now aren’t you?


The Mattel Hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 – Oh yeah, now I remember.

Have I missed one? Let me know!

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