Ubisoft has shown support for Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One ever since they announced that both Rainbow Six Vegas games would come free along side the release of Rainbow Six: Siege, but it seems plans could extend much, much further than just those two games.

According to a reddit post, Ubisoft Mexico had put up an image of classic Ubisoft games, stood together in a similar fashion to how Microsoft has been displaying games currently compatible with the Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One. In amongst those games are Far Cry 3, many Assassin’s Creed titles, Driver, and Ghost Recon.

With the image, which was posted on Facebook, was the caption: “Which Xbox 360 game from Ubisoft would you like to be compatible with the Xbox One?”

Though it’s not necessarily a confirmation, it shows that Ubisoft are gauging interest in which games players would like to see come to the Xbox One as part of this new feature.

Check out the full image above.

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