Despite being involved with the Internet since around 1998, I’ve realised today that I’ve become pretty out of the loop. Sure, I can tell the difference between a spam email and a legitimate one, and I also know to keep as little personal information as possible offline, but when it comes to chat slang, I thought it was down with the kids… Apparently not. Thankfully the UK Government has put together a website with the latest slang to ensure parents know what their kids are getting up to online.

Honestly, I thought I knew chat slang, but it seems with the new wave of instant messaging available at a moments notice, kids of today have created a new breed of slang in order to pull the wool over their parents eyes.

Apparently, kids of today are involved in some seedy stuff online, with a series of new acronyms and terms being used that I’ve yet to see in real life yet alone understand what the hell they mean. Did you know P999 meant that “Parents are around” or MOS means Mum Over Shoulder? Though to be fair, my parents didn’t quite understand the Internet and just left me to it, so I didn’t have to worry about MOS.

Anyway, if you feel that your little angel is getting up to no good online, ParentInfo.org has released (and has since updated) a concise article with all of the latest slang the youth of today are using then they’re Whatsapping and Facebook Messengering, and Snapping, and whatever else they’re up to.

According to education secretary Nicky Morgan:

As a parent myself, I understand how important it is to know your child is safe and that’s why this new online service is so important. I hope all schools take advantage of this new resource, which addresses fundamental issues like cyberbullying and body confidence, so that they can help protect their children in this digital age.

Seeing how text slang has evolved since I was actively using things such as TTYL and ILY, I wonder exactly how useful this will become, as slang can change pretty easily, especially when parents wise-up to such terms.

Hopefully it’ll at least help parents understand what their kids are up to online.

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