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Capcom have announced a Resident Evil spin-off title at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 – a fast-paced multiplayer third person shooter titled “Umbrella Corps”.

Built on Unity, the game pits two teams of three players each against one another in a variety of “close quarter battle modes” – including a One-Life Deathmatch mode, where players must not only watch out for each other but also a myriad of classic Resident Evil monsters, including zombies.

The game’s plot concerns a number of corrupt corporations eager to take advantage of the bio-weaponry tech pioneered by the Umbrella Corporation sending a number of Special Forces squads for “experimental battles” in restricted virus-infected areas against other mercenaries.

Umbrella Corps Announcement 2

I must admit, I rather like the idea of Umbrella Corps – the idea of an enclosed, claustrophobic deathmatch where you’ve got to worry about NPC creatures as well as other players really appeals to me for some reason. Colour me intrigued to see how this one turns out.

Umbrella Corps will be available on PC and PS4 in early 2016, priced at £24.99.

Umbrella Corps Announcement 3

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Paul Graham
Paul Graham

While it looks good, Capcom are forgetting that when they asked gamers last year what they wanted from the Resident Evil series, the resounding answer was a return to it's roots… Capcom have ignored that and are still pushing the Call of Duty, gung-ho gameplay that people have been moaning about since RE5.

So much for listening to the fans. Development time could have been spent on making a decent RE7.